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Omaha, Nebraska ExecuNet
The VP, CEC North America Operations is responsible for leading contact center operations and associates as they interact with customers across the US and Canada. This role oversees the 24x7 operations that handles guest interactions via all touchpoints (Phone, Chat, Click to call and Email) for all brands and loyalty programs. The VP will develop and maintain key partnerships with:
  • Senior hotel leaders to ensure program meets the changing and evolving needs of our constituents
  • Continent leadership in key markets to customize activities and service delivery to ensure we are locally relevant
  • Owners to represent the best interests of our hotels as we execute our business plans, services, etc.
The role is also responsible for ensuring the network of North America CECs is operating at peak efficiency through productivity and other KPI analysis. The role will monitor competitive landscape to ensure we are leading innovation and process improvement across our industry.
Education and Experience Preferred
  • 4-year degree from an accredited university in from an accredited university in Business Administration, Marketing, or related major is preferred
  • 10+ years of Consumer Direct - Call Center experience, with locations servicing inbound sales via phone, chat, email and click to call. Multi-language management a plus.
  • 5 years of relevant professional experience in a globally recognized loyalty program, 3 years in a direct and measurable sales role, 1 year experience in a direct customer facing role
Essential Functions
  • Leads all aspects of our day to day business in these global locations, including; Staffing, Sales Performance, Productivity, Staff Management and local incentives. Measures performance in one hour increments and responds to ensure performance is aligned with business needs. Deliver on brand guest experiences which are consistent regardless of the location or language.
  • Work closely with the continent to ensure we are operating and supporting all objectives locally, while delivering consistent guest experiences across the platform. Develop and execute strategy, ensuring high level of integration of CEC initiatives and strategy in our work.
  • Works closely with Loyalty, Marketing, and Brands to operationally support the day to day interactions with customers. This includes guest facing voice calls, emails, chat, internal program management and external vendors with whom we interact. Ensure alignment of technical system priorities to ensure the best impact for investment. Supports innovation work on continent and corporate level. Continually reviews processes to develop lower cost approach to delivering services.
  • Supports our future vision by ensuring CEC activities are relevant and align well to our company objectives. This is accomplished through ongoing communication and product/project work which ensures alignment of cross center and intra-center activities. Develop our core strategy and deliver results as outlined in our CEC strategy.
  • Offers guidance and leadership development for our site Directors and managers as they in turn lead groups of associates who interface with our customers. This includes skills training, interpersonal skills, motivation and ongoing leadership development.

    Managing Responsibilities with Stakeholders
  • Develops and maintains effective relationships with both internal and external stakeholders across the organization. Fosters a positive climate to build effective teams that are committed to organizational goals and initiatives.
  • Updates stakeholders on key initiative wins and opportunities, responds to concerns, and solicits feedback. Engages leadership to develop and execute action plans to address gaps.
  • Assists direct reports with building and maintaining stakeholder relationships as business partnerships.

    Leading and Managing Teams
  • Hires, develops, and retains diverse talent that makes a strong, positive impact on the organization.
  • Creates a team environment that encourages accountability, high standards, and innovation.
  • Sets clear organizational goals and expectations for direct reports using the performance review process and holds team accountable for performance.
  • Continuously improves team and job structures and ensures clear leadership accountabilities are in place.
  • Builds teams with the appropriate mix of talent and skills to drive innovation and performance. Identifies talents of direct reports, and assists with their growth and development plans.
  • Facilitates regular, ongoing communication in department.
Building Relationships
Customer Relationships
  • Shows an understanding of the needs of different customer/stakeholder segments and develops appropriate service strategies.
  • Creates a service 'oriented environment and empowers others to build strong customer/stakeholder relationships.
  • Monitors customer/stakeholder feedback and metrics to improve service delivery.
  • Uses appropriate risk management resources when serious customer/stakeholder situations occur.
Global Mindset
  • Creates and coach others on promoting an environment where everyone is valued and included.
  • Champions the Company culture of service, opportunity, respect, and fair treatment.
  • Ensures processes are in place to address concerns related to equity and fair treatment.
  • Brings together people with diverse backgrounds to drive innovation and engagement.
  • Establishes diverse partnerships across the industry, profession, and Company.
  • Champions the attraction, development, and retention of a multicultural and multigenerational workforce.
  • Ensures that all associates have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
  • Implements programs that promote inclusion and engagement.
  • Ensures strategies are in place to promote inclusion, enhance engagement, and maximize business results.
Strategic Partnerships
  • Builds strong working relationships across departments or teams.
  • Models and coach others on creating an open, trusting, and supportive work environment.
  • Coaches others on how their behavior impacts coworkers and the work environment.
  • Coaches direct reports to work together to set expectations for achieving shared goals.
Generating Talent and Organizational Capability
Developing Others
  • Creates and holds direct reports accountable for building an environment that supports feedback and ongoing development.
  • Sets and models expectations for required behavior, knowledge, and skill levels.
  • Provides ongoing feedback and customized coaching to others.
  • Develops others by identifying needs and setting appropriate department, team, and individual goals.
  • Conducts talent reviews across the business and develops succession plans for key leadership positions.
  • Networks with high potential leaders and coach others on targeted recruitment efforts.
  • Uses available recruiting and hiring tools, brings together hiring teams, and makes hiring decisions.
  • Supports successful on 'boarding of new hires.
Organizational Capability
  • Continuously improves department, program, team, and job structures and ensures clear leadership accountabilities are in place.
  • Puts systems and processes in place to manage department and program performance.
  • Brings together the appropriate talent levels and mix of skill sets to drive innovation and performance.
  • Establishes and ensures understanding of the scope of decision making authority for team members.
  • Models and holds direct reports accountable for using meetings and other forums to regularly communicate.
Communication and Professional Demeanor
  • Actively listens and uses appropriate communication styles to deliver information in an articulate, understandable, and engaging way.
  • Influences others to accept a point of view, gain consensus, or take action.
  • Keeps leaders informed about key issues.
  • Models and coach others on displaying a leadership style that conveys confidence and gains respect from others.
Leading Through Vision and Values
  • Models, coaches, and holds others accountable for leading ethically and with a high degree of integrity.
  • Promotes a convincing and inspiring vision for the direction of the Company, brand, and team.
  • Models and holds departments and project teams accountable for developing and implementing programs that reflect the Company's core values.
Managing Change
  • Presents the need for change in a positive way that encourages commitment and action.
  • Encourages others to identify ways to implement desired changes.
  • Models and coach others on staying calm and focused during stressful situations.
  • Models flexibility and adjusts others' and own priorities when managing multiple demands.
  • Manages stakeholder expectations during change.
  • Develops strategies and provides resources to implement change.
  • Takes steps to minimize the stress others feel when change occurs.
Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Models and sets expectations for offering suggestions and solving complex problems.
  • Uses data from different sources to evaluate alternatives, consider their potential impact, and make decisions...... click apply for full job details