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Conroe, Texas BE&K Building Group

Sr. Project Manager


The Senior Project Manager is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the project, in a role and reporting structure as designated for the project. The Senior Project Manager is further responsible for the overall administration of the project, including subcontracting, procurement and purchasing of trades and vendors, design management, client management, scheduling, documentation, cost management, profitability, subcontractor, vendor and owner billings, and change orders. The Senior Project Manager is responsible for the Critical Path Management, which ensures that all steps for project success are executed timely and properly. The Senior Project Manager works with the Superintendent staff in a role as outlined in the organizational and reporting structure, generally as the lead, with a supporting project management staff, and is responsible for training and development of subordinates. The Senior Project Manager serves as the primary liaison with the client and designer. The Senior Project Manager may manage a single large complex project, or oversee management of multiple projects. According to the assignment, the role of the Senior Project Manager may be very hands on for the single large project, or less so when involved in multiple projects.


  • Project budget
  • Project schedule
  • Project Safety
  • Project quality
  • Project profitability and cost control
  • Project documentation and communication
  • Contract management
  • Design and Change management
  • Client relations and communication
  • Business development
  • Manage, train, and development of subordinate staff
  • Recruiting of project personnel, including Superintendents and project management


The following is a general listing of job related duties. This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities or skills required for this position. These may be modified, added to, or eliminated for the specific requirements of the assigned project. Many of these duties may be delegated to subordinate staff but the Senior Project Manager is accountable for the overall results.

  • Review of and assistance with the budget/estimate for complete understanding of the project scope and budget. Establishment of project budget cost coding breakdown and enter in ERP system.
  • Reviews of all subcontractor and vendor bids and performs procurement by the descoping and interviewing process in collaboration with preconstruction and the project team.
  • Prepares the detailed scopes of work for all subcontractors and purchase orders (including all schedule requirements and any other obligation required by the subcontractor or vendor), issues and executes the formal agreements.
  • Thorough review and understanding of the Owner's contract to ensure compliance with all contractual requirements. Participates in contract negotiations as required.
  • Establishes and ensures proper project staffing.
  • Establishes the overall project's procedures and execution plan and monitors the compliance.
  • Works with the Superintendent and subcontractors to prepare the overall detailed project schedule. Ensures that schedule is incorporated into appropriate subcontractors and purchase orders. Ensures schedule is updated a minimum of once a month or more often as necessary. Monitor critical path activities frequently to document why these activities start or finish ahead or behind schedule and takes action as necessary.
  • Oversees the project document control system to insure the project is using the most current contract documents for construction. This includes the system to initiate and monitor Request for Information (RFIs) as well as the shop drawing control and management.
  • Responsible for the overall communication and documentation on the project, including the filing system, letters, emails, meeting minutes, correspondence and all reports.
  • Involved as participant, lead, or oversight of weekly subcontractor meeting.
  • Staff leadership position for the Owner/Architect meetings.
  • Ensures preconstruction meetings (with Superintendent) with all subcontractors as they begin work on site. Meetings are to cover all project procedures, including the company safety rules, contract document requirements, schedule and the level of quality expected.
  • Responsible for all aspects of cost and profitability management. This includes change orders, profitability analysis, and all other logs, reports, and tools to review, evaluate and manage cost expenditures and profitability.
  • Final approval of subcontractor and vendor billings and invoices for payment.
  • Oversees preparation and submission of monthly billings to the Owner.
  • Oversight of labor, material and equipment costs.
  • Review of project safety program and ensures compliance to company policy.
  • Develop, maintain, and leverage relationships with Clients for possible repeat business. Participate in business development activities and assist in preparation of proposals and promote productive client relationships. Attend presentations as required.
  • Provide leadership in the professional and career development of subordinates as well as timely and fair performance evaluations. Provide mentoring, training and development as needed. Maintain effective communication with client. Understand client's needs to achieve an acceptable level of satisfaction.
  • Ensure all closeout documentation required.


  • Those of Project Manager II plus:
  • Proven prior success at Project Manager II, or equivalent role. Already operating in general at Senior Project Manager level.
  • As a general guideline, minimum of nine (9) years experience in the construction industry, with at least two (2) in the position of Project Manager II.


  • Those of Project Manager II plus:
  • Sound understanding of Project Executive/Operations Manager and General Superintendent position.