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West Mifflin, Pennsylvania College Recruiter, Inc.

Do you want to take your career to the next level at a company with a TON of opportunity? Then College Recruiter could be the place for you!

At College Recruiter, we believe that every student and recent grad deserves a great career. Customers of our job search site are primarily Fortune 1,000 companies, government agencies, and other employers who hire at scale, meaning dozens or even hundreds into the same or similar positions. More than 2.5 million students and recent graduates use our site a year to find part-time, seasonal, internship, and entry-level jobs.

College Recruiter is certified as a woman-owned, small business. We have always embraced diversity in our workforce and also advocated for it in all workplaces. Why? Because it makes society more equitable and makes workforces more productive. Even as a small business, we have a long history of hiring people who are Black, Native American, of different religions, without degrees, women in STEM, without work experience, nearing retirement, veterans, and LGBTQ. In short, diversity, inclusion, and equity have always mattered to us, and we hope they matter to you as well.

All of our employees have worked remotely since 1997, so not only are we remote-first, we intend to remain so. This position is a Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer who possesses an understanding of back-end and front-end development including systems and DevOps knowledge.

What you'll be doing:

  • Working on building out a new architecture to support the future of CollegeRecruiter using Node.js, Serverless, MongoDB and Gatsby.js
  • Developing new features and revamping others for web applications and API's
  • Optimizing software and architectures to improve performance and scalability
  • Participate in daily standups and iteration planning
  • Participate in weekly code reviews and provide constructive feedback
  • Learn and contribute to the new pathway of the JAMstack architecture

How you'll grow:

In the first month you will:

  • Get your local development environment set up and running.
  • Work on smaller features and bug fixes in production code.
  • Learn College Recruiter's business and how the technology fits everything together
  • Be involved in planning meetings for upcoming features

Within three months you will:

  • Pick up larger tasks with direction and support from other team members.
  • Review code written by others with confidence, applying best your best judgment and feedback
  • Give demos of built features together as a team

Within six months you will:

  • Provide large input into the architecture and design of the platform
  • Work daily with AWS and Serverless
  • Plan and make architecture decisions
  • Create new REST APIs
  • Interact with many 3rd party REST APIs to build great features


  • 3+ years of professional software engineering experience in a team environment
  • 3+ years of experience with web application development
  • Comfortable with git, Linux, SSH, SCP
  • Strong experience with XML/JSON, protocols, validation and data extraction
  • Strong expertise in Node.js
    • Hands-on experience with streams, pipes and events and combining those methods for goodsolutions
    • Fluency in higher-level features of Ecmascript such as generators, async/await, sets, arrow functions, classes, etc.
    • Unit testing
    • Yarn workspaces and monorepo style architectures
  • Demonstrable experience with React.js, Redux, Context API, Sagas.
  • Systems/DevOps knowledge and experience with CI/CD setups and automation and serverless technology (Jenkins and Github Actions experience is a plus)
  • Experience writing automated unit tests using an established unit testing framework
  • High level of expertise with AWS services EC2, Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFormation, SNS, SQS, DocumentDB, S3, Route53
  • Experience developing against SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL and MongoDB (AWS DocumentDB experience is a plus)
  • Team-based development experience team-based tooling such as Jira
  • Proven ability to productively work-from-home.


Salary: $80,000-$110,000


We value our employees' time and efforts. Our commitment to your success is enhanced by our competitive compensation and an extensive benefits package including paid time off, medical, dental, and vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, and 401(k) benefits as well as future growth opportunities within the company. Plus, we work to maintain the best possible environment for our employees, where people can learn and grow with the company. We strive to provide a collaborative, creative environment where each person feels encouraged to contribute to our processes, decisions, planning and culture.

More about us and this role:

Other Than You, What We Value:

  • Honesty, integrity
  • Enthusiasm, passion, tenacity, and fun
  • Passion for the customer experience
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Continuous improvement
  • Direct and respectful communication

We need someone who shares our values and beliefs!

To have what it takes, you'll need tons of positive energy, enthusiasm, and motivation to deliver to the highest standards. You'll need to be a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit. You will be working in a small tight-knit team during an exciting time as we rebuild our architecture to a node.js serverless platform leveraging MongoDB and JAMstack architecture. During any given day our platform is serving up hundreds of thousands of jobs and processing over three times that.

Our company was founded way back in 1991, our job board went live in 1996, we're growing (even this year!), and we're profitable. This proves our stability and track record. But better yet, we are an emerging growth business. We have a great advisory board, are building great technology, and have a strong growth plan.

Are you a good fit? Apply today!