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Hull, Massachusetts Kroll

Our professionals balance analytical skills, deep market insight and independence to deliver solid, defensible analysis and practical advice to our clients. As an organization, we think globally. We create transparency in an opaque world, and we encourage our people to do the same. That means when you take your place on our team, you?ll discover a supportive and collaborative work environment that empowers you to excel. If you?re ready to share your perspective with the world, then you can make a real impact here. This is the Kroll difference.

Kroll is building an enterprise data group, and we?re looking for you to join our growing portfolio of data and AI projects. In this role, you will be an early and critical member of a data stewardship team, working together with the equally new data engineering, data science, visualization, and analysis teams. While having a basic knowledge in each of these areas, our team will be primarily focused on:

  • Data Evaluation and Cataloging - Investigation, exploration, interrogation and triaging of data, coupled with the describing and cataloging of those findings.
  • Data Facilitation - Consultatively assisting our internal business and technical peers by contributing to evaluation and feasibility of initiatives with a focus on the data and governance perspectives.
  • Data Assets Management - Understanding and curating the data and information currently and potentially available to Kroll, as well as sharing your expertise on the strengths, restrictions, and limitations of each.


  • Improve the availability and trustworthiness of data
  • Serve as a binding and bridging agent between business innovators, data producers, data engineers, data scientists, and other knowledge workers across various parts of the organization
  • Assist in conceptualizing and ongoing administration of an enterprise data governance framework
  • Monitoring data quality process, identifying data quality issue patterns, applying remediation plans, implementation of data controls, and manage data quality remediation strategies.
  • Support external data sourcing by interviewing to prepare specifications, gathering information to facilitate negotiations, preparing technical documents, and ensuring universal understanding of the need
  • Engage with stakeholders across the organization to understand processes that generate, transform, and distribute data
  • Learning the process of our internal constituents, to facilitate anticipating value-add and innovation opportunities.
  • Create standards, policies, and processes regarding data quality assurance and management


  • Extremely strong interpersonal and problems solving skills, with an overall service focus
  • Broad-based literacy of all the various technology functions within a large, modern organization
  • Experience illustrating curiosity, adaptability, and an aptitude for learning new skills
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Strong knowledge of relational and non-relational data storage
  • Experience overcoming typical challenges encountered in data use, storage, quality, and control
  • Understanding of technical and business process mapping, data flows, and data lineage
  • Experiences having created a personal professional portfolio of knowledge from data ambiguity and misadministration problems
  • Operational familiarity in information cataloging and metadata management, optimally with a focus around key measure determination
  • Experience with data analysis, SQL, and query structuring
  • Experience in data quality techniques and technologies
  • Understanding and appreciation for ETL and visualization processes
  • Ability to work with a virtual and remote international team


  • Experience building data products or solutions
  • Experience with data architecting concepts
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure
  • Experience in a data governance role
  • Audit support or performance experience
  • Knowledge various data handling and privacy regulations
  • Multilingual

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Kroll is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment. We will not discriminate between applications for reason of gender, gender identity, race, religion, color, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, age or disability .