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Tampa, Florida Fitzii
As our primary Project Manager in the Tampa, Florida market, you would enjoy the benefits of working with our world-class transportation infrastructure practice, boasting decades of proven experience across the country, while being given the opportunity to truly build something special, in an emerging market.

As the key Project Manager in this office, you would be responsible for maintaining and continuing to develop the talents that got you where you are today; planning, directing, and coordinating all the activities that bring roadway and highway projects to life, while delighting clients and partners alike.

You WILL have the opportunity to lead and deliver exceptional work, with a truly people-first organization.

We are the kind of organization that made it through the pandemic without a single layoff, or a furlough. We take care of our people because they are our most important asset.

It's why we go the extra mile to build connection and collaborative capacity between our team members across the country. From training and development opportunities, professional networking events. We absolutely work hard, and take our and YOUR reputation seriously, but we also know the importance of having fun together, for example, our famous all-company, all-expenses Holiday parties!

Technical Details of the role below:

* Prepare proposals, fee justifications, and contracts for each project in conjunction with the Team Leader, Group Leader, and Principal-in-Charge
* Establish a project work plan for each project which includes essential elements of the project with major milestones and potential roadblocks, the project schedule, and the financial plan that includes the project budget, a man-hour utilization forecast, and a billing forecast
* Monitor and control the project financial plan, review project cost sheets, and prepare monthly invoices for each project
* Prepare monthly cost/profit analysis and billing projections for each project
* Coordinate with the Team Leader and other project managers for allocation of personnel to staff each project
* Coordinate each project with local government agencies, permitting agencies, utility companies, and land acquisition professionals as necessary to drive the project schedule
* Coordinate each project with other department's schedules through the Team Leader and Group Leader; Ensure productivity and cooperation among the project team
* Coordinate each project with subconsultant's work schedules
* Aggressively seek additional compensation for work outside the original scope of each project; Prepare contract amendments as necessary
* Serve as representative of firm at all required project meetings, presentations, and public hearings, and prepare documentation of items discussed
* Perform an in-depth review of all the essential elements of each project and update the project work plan near the completion of each major milestone
* Maintain design book and correspondence file for each project
* Monitor electronic file and plan organization and archiving

Technical Leadership:

* Direct and coordinate activities of design engineers and technicians to ensure project progresses on schedule and within prescribed budget
* Mentor and provide direct hands-on assistance when teaching new design elements, oral and writing skills to design engineers and technicians
* Identify project roadblocks and obtain assistance in resolving them
* Stay current with design manuals and project development procedures
* Attend seminars and continuing education to enhance skills in relevant disciplines

Quality Assurance:

* Supervise the work of all project personnel to ensure that each project meets the highest professional standards, follows the established quality assurance plan, and maintains the established budget and schedule
* Review the final design drawings and computations prepared by design engineers and technicians for completeness and accuracy prior to every submittal
* Review work that is performed by other departments and/or subconsultants to insure satisfactory performance
* Respond to construction-related problems as quickly as possible

Client Coordination:

* Maintain positive relationships with clients to resolve all project questions such as project scope, design exceptions, project development process, schedule, extra work, and billings
* Be responsive to all client requests
* Look for new opportunities with existing clients
* Provide support for business development sales force
* Performance Measures:
* Successful completion of projects
* Quality scores of projects
* Profitability of projects
* Level of client relationships maintained


* BSCE / bachelor's Degree in Engineering
* Project Engineer license in Florida
* 8-10+ years of relative position and industry experience
* Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal