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West Coast Consulting LLC

Writing CPP System Level tests targeting the CPU/DSP/CNN cores in CPP
Writing CPP Performance and Power system-level use-cases
Work on FPGA and Emulation scripts and flows for system validation, to increase productivity across the team
Work on post-silicon bringup and flows
Work closely with Algorithm engineers, DV engineers, Architects and Designers to come up with system level use-case scenarios
Work closely with Design Verification to enhance and augment verification for IPs on FPGA and/or Emulation platforms
Work closely with Firmware, Reference Modeling, and Software engineers to assist software development and debug

What are the must have non-negotiable requirements for this role?

Experience in CPP for writing system level test-cases for SoC like IP
Experience in scripting languages such as Python, TCL etc
Experience running tests on FPGA and/or Emulation platforms for SoC like IP
Experience in post-silicon bringup and flows for SoC like IP
Experience with lab system debug with logic analyzers, scopes, meters, etc
Experience in performance evaluation and modeling for SoC like IP
Experience in power tests and evaluation on prototyping platforms
Familiarity with AMBA protocol, OCP protocol
Familiarity in System Verilog for design and verification - for debugging **IMPORTANT Q&A**

Is this an FPGA, SOC FPGA or SOC ASIC project?
SOC ASIC target, but we are using a FPGA and Emulator, for silicon verification/validation.

Does the engineer need to contribute in the design (RTL, synthesis), verification (SV/UVM or similar) or validation (post-si testing and system enabling) areas?
Verification - writing system-level tests running on the CPU and/or DSP which run on FPGA/Emulator.

Is a hardware (either RTL or Verification) or a firmware / software (system software/firmware, drivers) background a closer fit to the project's needs?
A mix - since it's pre-silicon verification, writing FW like tests, for system level validation.

Skills: What are the nice to have details for this role?

Performance modeling and evaluation
Knowledge of OS kernel and experience in driver development
Familiarity with IO's such as MIPI CSI & DSI, USB, PCIE, LPDDR

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