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Horseshoe Bay Resort
JOB OVERVIEW: Rental Program Manager

The Rental Program Manager will act as a liaison between the resort, Home Owners Association (HOA) and the property owner. The Rental Program Manager will be responsible for meeting prospective program clients, reviewing the details and standards of the program, signing on new program clients, ensuring program clients adhere to program standards, and that all contractual obligations are being met. The Rental Program Manager will be responsible for overseeing any contracted vendor services on behalf of the owner in their absence. The Rental Program Manager will be responsible for ensuring the owner's home is maintained and taken care of to the Owner's standards as well as the Resort's standards.

In addition, the Rental Program Manager Is responsible for all owner accounting processes, establishing and maintaining the departmental budget, managing inventory controls, managing a housekeeping department for the Rental Program, establishing and maintaining housekeeping standards and protocols, managing staff, rewriting the décor standards and revising the contract for legal review, establishing parameters for program expansion outside the Waters.


• Meet with prospective owners to review rental program
• Meet with realtors and/or schedule unit showings
• Assist Sales with sites and Departments with sales training/staff tours
• Maintain extranet sites advertising the rental program with accurate information.
• Comply with Horseshoe Bay Resort Purchasing procedures. Be familiar with purchasing agreements. Approve and submit all invoices for goods and services rendered. Process vendor invoices for payment on a timely and efficient basis.
• Must initiate, implement, understand and analyze all accounting procedures to include: inventory procedures, monthly financial forecast, annual budgeting procedures, statement preparation, month end analysis, and owner accounting.
• Monitor Property Management System (PMS) for proper unit rotation, units "out of order\u0022. Working knowledge of the reservation system in order to review accuracy of incoming reservations and protect revenues.
• Attendance at all relevant meetings specifically the weekly Club Meeting.
• Participate and assist in Member Events.
• Implement and supervise owner file to ensure information accuracy i.e. telephone numbers, owner numbers, addresses, names, applications, Copies of Contract, C.C. application, and owner's profile
• Provides assistance to Rental Program participants in ordering items for the rental program
• Prepare required reports, communiqués, and e-mail blasts.
• Aid and instruct craftsmen in scheduling work, ordering materials and completing assignments by specified date.
• Complete random inspections of units focusing on owner, owner's guest stays, and VIPs.
• Inspect The Rental properties: public space, exterior, and clubhouse area periodically.
• Periodically review and update procedures and par levels of all amenities and equipment.
• Complete new unit set up and walk thru and Complete unit removal processes
• Complete annual inspection of units to confirm compliance.
• Schedule and oversee annual housekeeping deep cleans and preventative maintenance.
• Respond to all e-mails and voicemails by the end of business day.
• Complete Daily Checklist.
• Maintain clean and secure office space and equipment.
• Manage the day to day operations of a housekeeping department for the Rental Program units and common areas including pool area; preparing personnel schedules, maintaining staffing levels, overseeing the daily workloads to maintain efficiency.
• Maintain housekeeping inventory, PAR levels.
• Establish and maintain housekeeping standards and protocols.
• Rewriting the décor standards and revising the contract for legal review, establishing parameters for program expansion outside the Waters.
• Prepare owner statements monthly and run quarterly reports.