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Project Manager

Job Description

Project Manager compiles a list of all subcontracts on each project with input from the Senior Estimator, draft all contracts and forward for final preparation and distribution to subcontractors for signature. Project documents are assembled by the Project Manager and copies are given to the Superintendent.

Project Documents:
1. Subcontractor List
2. Subcontract documents (including scope of work description)
3. Purchase Orders
4. Project Specifications
5. Project Addendum(s)
6. Company Safety Program
7. Schedule and Preconstruction Checklist

Project Manager shall prepare a job schedule.

Project Manager, along with Submittal Assistant will process submittals. The Project Manager is responsible for acquiring, approving and returning all submittals to expedite placement of all materials on a project. Superintendent shall verify accuracy of detail and collaborate with Project Manager on changes.

Change Orders:
All change order pricing shall be the responsibility of the Project Manager. When change order pricing has been completed, all prices will be submitted to the Project Manager for Architect and Owner approval. No additional work shall be performed on a project until the Superintendent receives written notification or an approved change order from the office.

1. Project Manager will communicate with the superintendent each day to ensure smooth progress with all parties (subcontractors, architects, owner/client).
2. Billing to client each month.

Billing to Clients:
1. Project Manager will receive a project spreadsheet for marking subcontractor completed percentages to bill client on the 20th of each month.
a. Percentages for all spreadsheet line items are to be calculated with the cooperation from Superintendent. Superintendents shall inform Project Managers of actual percentages completed for all cost breakdown line items by the 20th of each month.
b. Subcontractors verify their portion of the work completed (for billing purposes) on project.
c. Project Manager will indicate completed monthly percentages for all subcontractors on the spreadsheet and return to Accounting for final processing by the 22 nd of each month. If percentage marked needs to be reviewed before mailing, please note on spreadsheet.
d. Billings are not to be compiled from invoices received from subcontractors (except when it is a time and material job).

2. Approved formal Change Order information to be billed must be sent to Accounting Department PRIOR to billing percentages to Owner
3. Billing to Client to be processed and mailed by the 25th of each month.
a. Clients are not to change our billings. If they do not approve, billing will need to be returned for revision.

4. "Time and Material" jobs are to be billed every month and are to be mailed by the 15th of each month.
5. ALL Client billings shall be signed and approved by the Project Manager before mailed.


  • Microsoft Office Programs
  • Procore Construction Management Software

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