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Competitive Telecoms Group
Lead of Wireless Cloud Engineering

This role will be responsible for the architecture and development of the most effective cross-layer content distribution service using wireless networks, as well as interfacing the company Cloud service into wireless networks. Responsibilities will span design and development of a highly distributed microservices architecture, specification of the best in class API stack for interface and leverage of wireless networks, identifying opportunities to optimize and improve the algorithms and AI underlying the content distribution system architecture as it relates to the wireless layer, and overall help develop the content distribution stack as it interfaces wireless networks.

We are looking for candidates with strong experience across the following:
  • Software development and implementation of CDN architectures and protocol driven systems, including proxies, caches, edge compute, DNS, load balancing, and leading protocol development and architecture
  • Microservices architectures, concurrency patterns and memory management, databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra etc), and understanding of building flexible, scalable, high-performing, extensible, testable distributed systems
  • Experience with system design and architecture of 4G and 5G wireless networks, including the core / EPC / IMS components, 4G / 5G wireless schedulers, network proxies and TCP/IP traffic shapers, and cross-layer protocols and optimization
  • Real-time IP networking experience, including using Websockets, real-time messaging frameworks like Kafka and RabbitMQ, services like Firebase and Kinesis, and real-time interfaces with large scale of distributed devices
  • Experience with design and integration of leading cloud services designed for wireless networks, including sponsored data, mobile TV, video compression and down-transcoding approaches, network proxies and video traffic shaping systems, SON are a plus
  • Video service delivery across wireless networks is a plus.
  • Statistics, algorithms, and complex optimization systems
  • Performance focused back-end programming languages (Golang, Java, C++)
  • Keen interest in machine learning and AI
  • Releasing commercial-grade software services and applications
  • Clean quality coding, clear documentation, and code management and release tools

Agile software development and distributed team collaboration as well as the ability to work with a highly distributed team of cloud developers and engineers.

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