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Dallas, Texas Selby Jennings
This team is filled with strong individual contributors who are responsible for managing the BPM environment and optimizing the enterprise wide processes within the commercial banking group.
Take a look at the responsibilities below and reach out with interest!
Implementing IBM BPM Application Architecture, enforcing IBM BPM Design best practices, and developing solutions using IBM BPM BAW 19.0.0.x or BPM 8.6 or BPM 8.5.x
Eliciting business process requirements and designing solutions that work efficiently within the constraints of the IBM BPM 8.6 or 8.5X or later (BAW 19.0.0.x) product capabilities
Implementing Coaches/UI, Human Tasks, System Tasks and Toolkit using Business Process Designs (BPD's) within IBM BPM
Identifying anti-patterns specific to IBM BPM product (like string of pearls, constellation, rule of seven etc.) and ensuring avoidance anti-pattern implementation.
Coding within various JS Frameworks, including Dojo, React JS and Angular JS, HTML coding and styling
Creating IBM BPM custom coach views (CVs) and working with BPM coach views (Brazos, stock controls, spark etc.)
Integrating IBM BPM with external partners by consuming and exposing RESTful and SOAP based webservices and interacting with external systems using asynchronous JMS communication mechanism
Working with Oracle Database and RDBMS concepts
Working with AIS (Advance Integration Services), UCAs, Team Filter/Retrieval Services and external integrations
Maintaining parallel code base for various IBM BPM process applications/toolkits by creating tracks, performing code merge and ensuring no instance migration issues when migrating the
instances from old snapshot to new one.
Preferred Qualifications
5+ years software engineering experience
5+ years of IBM BPM experience
5+ years for SOAP/REST webservices
5+ years of Oracle experience
5+ years of Java/JavaSctipt development
2+ years in an Agile environment
5+ years of Object Oriented Programing experience
Apply and let's have a conversation today if this could be a good fit for you or any colleagues!