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Pflugerville, Texas City of Pflugerville
It is a great time to be in Pflugerville! Pflugerville, Texas is a vibrant, growing community in Travis County, south of Round Rock and north of Austin. Over the last decade, the City's considerable growth rate has created abundant cultural, entertainment, and recreational opportunities. Pflugerville's more than 74,000 residents enjoy living "where quality meets life." The City of Pflugerville is seeking its next Financial CIP Program Manager that will exhibit the City's P.F.I.R.S.T. core values: positive, forward-thinking, integrity, resilience, service, and teamwork. See the essential duties and responsibilities below. Essential Duties & Responsibilities:Provides Financial Planning and Analysis of CIP projects to oversee projects that relate directly to CIP Engineering's expenditures, cash flow, long-term funding analysis, budgeting projections and reportingConduct financial due diligence and apply financial policies to develop procedures for budget projections, cash flow and expenditures for 5-YR and annual spending.Gather and analyze data from many sources at once and prepare cost-benefit analyses for projects across departments while identifying areas where cash flow and expenditures can be improved.Coordinates projects and activities between engineers, architects, City Staff, other departments, external agencies, public representatives; Coordinates internally with Engineering Project Managers, City Engineer and other CIP staff (Utility Department) for review of project deliverable from engineering or architecture consultants.Perform Budget Management of the annual approved CIP projects for water, wastewater, roadway, parks, facilities, etc. utilizing Finance Policy, state, federal and applicable rules and regulations.Assist City Engineer with reporting by preparing financial reports or presentations highlighting financial performance metrics in support of remaining within scope, budget and schedule of CIP projects according to estimated budgets and to oversee an CIP Engineering's financial performance.Establish and maintain an effective financial big-picture financial profile to meet CIP goals and long-term forecasting with day-to-day oversight of cash flow, expenditures and monthly invoicing in order to make well-informed decisions about CIP financial status and need to adopt emerging opportunities and areas for improvement.Serve as a Financial Team Leadership to CIP Project Managers with training and development tools and materials in support of financial tracking and progress for CIP projects monthly, quarterly and annually.Build and work with cross-functional teams to coordinate with other departments and motivate staff members to complete projects according to both internal and external deadlines; development of balance sheets and webpage updates for reporting financial information on Capital projects similar to shareholder reports are submitted according to laws and guidelines and helps support CIP Engineering performance by delivering a high level of project completion.Provide Efficiency Enhancements for Financial reporting internally for project managers also actively seek methods to enhance overall efficiency and performance, in addition to CIP reporting for monthly, quarterly and Annual reporting to Management, City Council and the Citizens of Pflugerville. This can mean taking a more active role in day-to-day work within the project lifecycle or identifying cost-saving opportunities at the organizational level.Identify areas for improvement and develop solutions to prevent project delays and help CIP Engineering meet its budgetary and cash flow goals.Provide both written and verbal communication reports, technical memorandums, etc. with team members and consultant during the project lifecycle. Communicate goals and expectations to team members and also share progress and ask questions to maintain continuous improvement for City financial reports.Prepare presentation materials as requested in support of financial updates to present findings to stakeholders and effectively communicate between team members and departments.Develop, manage and update CIP financial budgets based on CIP project Scheduling in order for timely and efficient payments to Professional Engineering and Architectural Services as provided by consultants on CIP projects.Manage timelines by coordinating with CIP Engineering project managers and team members to implement project schedule to ensure teams meet financial milestones throughout project lifecycle. Request project managers take active role in preventing delays and ensuring deliverables completed according to schedule and fee payments made timely.Utilize project standards, procedures and quality objectives for project reviews to manage assigned projects through project life cycle including but not limited to review of project scopes, cost estimates and schedules, as well as financial support for acquisition of right-of-way, construction bidding, construction management, and project close out.Monitors and reviews contracts to ensure compliance with financial contractual obligations, including but not limited to administering change orders and estimates.Prepare technical support documents necessary to support CIP Engineering; Reports and escalates to City Engineer.Represent City on financial related meetings; report results, follow up on commitments; make authorized decisions.Assist City Engineer with monitoring and developing the City's annual capital improvement plan and managing capital improvement projects: provide input into all financial information.Interpret, amend, or update financial reports, etc. in accordance with the financial policies; Coordinate and provide financial interpretations for City Council budgeting inquiries by CIP Project Managers.Creates and maintains comprehensive financial information and project documentation on financial status of CIP Projects; Tracks financial project performance, specifically to analyze the successful completion of short and long-term financial goals of all CIP projects.Develops spreadsheets, diagrams and process maps to document as needed and requested.Attend meetings as required; interface with other City and community organizations, as requested.Other duties as assigned.Education/Experience/Certification QualificationsFormal Education: Minimum requirement of an Associate Degree OR at least six years of experience as a Financial analyst OR graduation with a Bachelors' degree from an accredited college or university in a related field or major coursework in financial and budgeting for project management, plus four years related work experience.Relatable Work Experience: 3 to 5 years' experience as a financial project manager, preferably within a municipal or county government and with emphasis in Financial budgeting and reporting for CIP Engineering projects.Training (Licenses(s) and/or Certification(s): Valid Class C Texas driver's license and good driving record.Preferred Qualifications: N/AHere are some enhanced benefit options Pflugerville has to offer. #Pfirst BenefitsCity of Pflugerville's Enhanced BenefitsBenefit TypeDescriptionHealthMedical Insurance Premium (employee only)$0 cost to employeeMedical Insurance Premium Dependent ContributionCity of Pflugerville covers 25% of dependent premiums (view chart 1 for more details)Medical Deductible Reimbursement Yes (view chart 2 below for more details)Dental Insurance Premium (employee only)$0 cost to employeeDental Insurance DMO Premium (Entire Family)$0 cost to employee (select Dental locations apply)LeaveVacation Leave10 hours per month/160 hours maximum Sick Leave8 hours per month/no maximumPersonal Holiday (paid)24 hours per fiscal yearAdditional Paid Time OffEligible employees will be given a day off and receive eight hours of pay at their regular rate for each holiday observed. (11 days total)Wellness Hours10 hours per fiscal yearLongevity Pay$8 per month beginning with first anniversary and will be paid on separate check in December of each yearRetirementRetirement PlanYes Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) Retirement Plan Contribution Salary7%Retirement Plan Eligibility for RetirementService retirement eligibility is 5 years at age 60 or 20 years at any ageRetirement Plan Matching2 to 1 at retirementAdditional Retirement Fund Options457 Additional Enhanced Benefits:Sick Leave Pool: Sick Leave Pool Program that provides for paid sick leave for catastrophic conditions subject to eligibility.Sick Leave Incentive Pay: As an incentive to encourage and reward the proper use of sick leave, each employee eligible to accrue sick leave will be compensated on a separate paycheck in December the amount of 25% of their unused sick leave accumulated during the preceding fiscal year. Such compensation will not decrease the accumulated sick leave.Long-Term Disability: Long-Term Disability is employer paid and covers 60% of the employee's salary up to $7,500. Military Leave: Military Leave provides up to 15 days of paid leave per fiscal year.Education Reimbursement: Education Reimbursement assistance up to $2,000 per fiscal yearEmployer paid basis term life insurance policy: 2x your base salary up to a $325,000 maximumPfServes: Many of our employees seek opportunities outside of work to volunteer their time in service of others within our community. A maximum of 40 paid service hours are available annually to regular, full-time employees who have completed their introductory period as of October 1 of each fiscal year.If you are someone interested in making a difference in the community and wish to be a part of the Pflugerville team, go to under Employment Opportunities and apply! Chart 1: Chart 2: