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Charlotte, North Carolina Boy Scouts of America

The Facilities Services Manager oversees and performs technical and mechanical work that ensures the inside and external buildings, grounds, and common areas of the National Distribution Center and Offsite facility meet the Boy Scouts of America's standards for cleanliness, appearance, safety, and overall functionality.

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Provides continued technical and proactive maintenance and support throughout the facility.
  • Improved Asset Reliability, and reduced unscheduled Line downtime as a direct result of maintenance planning and scheduling deficiencies.
  • Incorporates the Continuous Improvement Process and Root Cause Analysis methods toward improving asset reliability and sustaining a proactive Maintenance Environment.
  • Manages and tracks both scheduled and emergency work.
  • Oversees outside contractors performing installations and projects at the facility.
  • Oversees safety team activities. Monitors and enforces safety requirements and ensures OSHA requirements are met.

Requirements include:

  • High school diploma or equivalent. Degree from a vocational school or college with a focus in the Mechanical or Electrical field preferred.
  • 4 years' experience in the Mechanical or Electrical field.
  • Ability to work/be available all days and shifts if needed, including overtime (24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation, including holidays).
  • Experience and proficiency in the following areas: Automated conveyors systems and controls, Electrical and electronic principles, Preventative maintenance procedures, Industrial electrical, Industrial HVAC.