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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Acelero
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Full time

Acelero, Inc., NY

We are looking for people who exemplify our values of: Follow-through, Data-Informed Learning, Embracing Diversity, Open Communication, and Teamwork and Community.
The Director of Enrollment Strategy is responsible for ensuring we are fully enrolled across all Head Start and Early Head Start contracts nationwide, keeping in mind we have opportunities to increase our scope, size and level of impact through other community partnerships that support or enhance our enrollment practices.
Some of these community partnerships include but are not limited to: District Partnerships, Childcare Subsidy, and State Pre-k dollars. The Director of Enrollment Strategy reports directly to the Senior Vice President of Acelero Learning who is also the Head Start Director. Further, the Director of Enrollment Strategy will be responsible for working closely with our Support Center and local delegate enrollment teams and the Executive Directors across all delegates. This involves extensive travel to our locations throughout the network. Ideally, this candidate is located in the area of one of our operating locations in NJ, PA, NV or WI.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
Primary responsibility of the job would be to ensure we are fully enrolled at all times, with perhaps an additional responsibility that we're maximizing opportunities for extended day in our programs. Some of the key functions of the role would include:
  • Analysis of the early childhood markets in each community in which we operate to understand competition, opportunities, etc
  • Review and refinement of enrollment systems to streamline and speed enrollment processes and explore opportunities/risks for centralized enrollment processes
  • Coordination with local leadership teams to troubleshoot enrollment hot spots, develop and refine strategic recruitment strategies
  • Coordination with Communications and Marketing director to develop market specific recruitment materials, messages, social media campaigns,etc
  • Working in collaboration with ED's and SVP of Head Start to draft changes in program option, conversion requests to assure full enrollment
  • Longer term analysis of neighborhood population trends in order to assess whether to consider moving Center locations based upon neighborhood population patterns
  • Working with coordination with the local leadership on detailed and delegate specific recruitment and enrollment plans/targets -- including progress towards enrollment targets during peak enrollment periods
  • Develop enrollment monitoring systems to anticipate enrollment hot spots and proactively troubleshoot in order to assure that we meet monthly OHS enrollment expectations
  • Works closely with our Extended Day staff to strategize ways to manage full profit and loss responsibility for Acelero Learning's Extended Day Program, including providing general management and oversight to the Extended Day program.
  • Analysis of historical data and current recruitment conditions to develop detailed weekly and monthly projections for enrollment to also include extended day activities and profitability.
  • Develops, aggregates and disseminates information on a weekly basis regarding recruitment, enrollment, and utilization of our program options per delegate down to the classroom level.
  • Works closely with our marketing and communications team to develop and implement an extended day marketing strategy, including social media, soft networks, government relations, and community partners, with target of increasing size of extended day program.
  • Trains and supports local staff on recruitment strategies, monitoring and sustainability of our program options.
  • Works closely with our Extended Day staff to improve collections efforts and monitoring at the site level with increased transparency at the manager level through targeted and consistent reporting.
  • Works closely and collaboratively with Executive Directors and Family Services Directors to develop and shape our recruitment plans for child recruitment at the Delegate level;
  • Confirms that our strategies for recruitment reflect the communities we serve;
  • Ensures that we are successfully reaching low-income working and TANF parents who require full-day services; and
  • Monitors at the delegate level, we are consistently executing on our plans and meeting our goals for Extended Day and Head Start enrollment.
  • Participates in assigned meetings, events and training as required.
  1. Bachelor's degree in related field, MBA preferred.
  2. At least three years of previous experience in management/administration preferred.
  3. Exceptional organizational skills required.
  4. Ability to meet designated deadlines.
  5. Physical exam and background checks are required for this position.
  6. Must be analytical and technical in support of understanding the current needs of communities across our geographies to understand where viable service areas exist for infants, toddlers and preschool age children.
  7. Experience working with government agencies and have a full understanding of enrollment strategies.
The mission of Acelero Learning is to bring a relentless focus on positive family and child outcomes to close the achievement gap and build a better future for children, families, and communities served by the Head Start program.
We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to creating a diverse and healthy workplace.
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