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Omaha, Nebraska First Westroads Bank

General Summary:

The Credit Analyst should have a thorough understanding of financial statements, tax returns, and other financial reports used in analyzing credit requests from both commercial and consumer borrowers, and should possess the knowledge and skill to make an underwriting recommendation. The ability to evaluate and understand cash flow and collateral coverage is crucial.

Skills Required:

Four to five years of credit analysis experience is required

Previous Financial Industry experience

Microsoft Word and Excel Skills

Bachelor's Degree (major in business, accounting or finance is preferred)

Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills

Critical Thinking Skills

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Prepares analysis memoranda, including narrative comments of financial statement, cash flow and collateral analyses. Assists lenders with the preparation of loan application summaries.
  2. Spreads financial statements consisting of federal income tax returns, accountant prepared statements, and/or internal statements resulting in key ratio determination for cash flow coverage and collateral coverage.
  3. Reviews lender recommendations, collecting and analyzing financial and related data to establish credit-worthiness of borrower.
  4. Recommends appropriate borrower financial covenants for the loan request at hand.
  5. Conducts real estate evaluations, appraisal reviews, construction loan inspections and real estate site visits.
  6. Conducts annual cash flow and collateral analyses for commercial real estate loan portfolio stress testing.
  7. Conducts real estate market analysis on a semi-annual basis for CRE loan portfolio monitoring and stress test analysis.
  8. Cooperates with and assists, when necessary, loan administrative assistants and loan operations staff regarding loan documentation for new and renewed loans.
  9. Attends staff meetings as necessary, including employee training and compliance council meetings.
  10. Ensures the Bank's compliance with banking regulations and maintains awareness of changing rules and regulations affecting the Bank.
  11. Performs and assists with loan audits as a member of the Affirmative Lending Committee.
  12. Conducts loan reviews for montly meetings.
  13. Prepares weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports for management and the Board of Directors.
  14. Documents the Ability-to-Repay requirements for consumer closed-end credit applications secured by a dwelling.
  15. Assumes other duties as assigned.