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Business Analyst

Montpelier, VT 05602

Mandatory 3 References Required For Submissions

Duration: The anticipated duration of the project is two (2) years

Project Description: The BA will work with State resources to identify, document, and validate business requirements and processes, and help to configure and test the new system(s) for the UIM Project. While requirements development has been started, the BA will assist in addressing new requirements resulting from State/Federal Legislative changes and the switch from the iUS consortium project, which has been cancelled, to the new project which is currently in an exploratory phase, collecting information through a Request for Information solicitation process for Phase I of the project. The project is currently organized by four (4) logical phases based on functionality and priority of Replacement.

Must have minimum 10+ years of experience as a Business Analyst. The BA shall:

Work Requirements

  • Validate and/or update already documented project requirements. Perform a gap analysis to identify and document any missing requirements. This will include the development and regular updating of a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) throughout the lifecycle of the project.
  • Analyze and define business objectives and strategies utilizing business process reengineering, current and future state workflow development and analysis, and use of related tools/techniques to identify opportunities for process improvement.
  • Provide input to State leadership, IT architects, and project managers to ensure successful design, development, and implementation of the new UIM system and/or required system integrations. Identify and map the migration/conversion of existing data into a new solution.
  • Obtain and maintain a thorough understanding of business concepts and processes related to Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits, Tax, and Appeals.
  • Facilitate/participate in Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions for both functional and technical requirements.
  • Creation of test plans and test cases, that includes User Acceptance Testing (UAT) training materials and guides, as well as execution and tracking of testing to ensure all test cases are completed or retested as needed until satisfactory use of UIM system and interfaces are fully validated, and results archived. The RTM must be kept up to date throughout the testing process.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with various project team members and stakeholders to ensure all requirements including solution design are implemented.
  • Work as liaison to assist communications between end users and IT development staff, including state staff and outside vendors.
  • Organize and facilitate technical planning meetings as required.
  • Assist in development of UIM reporting needs (design, development, testing, and validation).
  • Provide weekly input to PM for Status Report on work completed and targeted for next period

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